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How We Work

Choosing the right shop can be daunting. You never know if they're going to over charge, if they warranty their work, or if they're even good humans. So we'd like to take a minute to describe how our process works and what you can expect when working with us. The below points will walk you through what your experience will be.

  • You'll contact us (below) and we'll reach out to you within a day or so.

  • When we contact you, we need to find out where you are in YOUR process. So we'll likely ask if you have any models or drawings yet. If you don't, that's ok. We have a talented team of engineers and machinists that can develop models and drawings so that your part can actually be made.

  • After we've got drawings, material specs, and got an idea from you of how many parts you want made, we'll send you an official quote with pricing based on manufacturability, quantity, and material.

  • After you've made your decision on quantity, you simply give us the go ahead and we'll get started!

  • We LOVE to update you on where we're at in process, and we typically give you an update once a week until your job is completed. Our walls are totally down, so even if we have a hiccup, we'll even let you know that too.

  • Once your job is completed, we'll ship the parts out to you, you can pick them up, or in some cases we can even bring them to you (if you're here in Arkansas).

  • We don't like to bill you until you've seen your parts and they're up to your standard. So after you've given us the green light, we'll send you an invoice. We're 1% 10 NET 30, meaning that if you pay within 10 days, you get a 1% discount! 

Engineering Services

We Warranty Our Work

We Update Once a Week

1% 10 NET 30

Let’s Work Together

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